Meet the Staff

Myra Sanders, Gym Owner

Born and raised in the "Sunshine" state of Florida, Myra has been a dedicated cheer mom to the All-Star industry for over 14 years.  An accountant and realtor by day and a gym owner by night, Myra is the proud mom of two amazing athletes, coach Amber and Ahsan aka AJ, and the proud wife of Ihsan.  Being an All-Star cheer mom has taught Myra the joys as well the discomforts of the cheer world.  Myra believes in positivity and with her interactions with the athletes, that positive thinking will help the team not only to become better athletes, but also help them cope with day-to-day activities. 


Fun Fact: She has two sharks as a pet!


Rashondia Gaines, Gym Owner

Best known as Rae, is a native of Florida. She is a dentist and also works as an Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern University-College of Dental Medicine. Being a former "Cheer Mom', she is a proud mother of a daughter, Coach Nyree and a son, Aiden, who is a competitive diver.  She recently won her first NCA jacket as a gym owner. 


Fun Fact: She is a DIE HARD Miami Dolphin Fan! Phins Up!

Harold Williams, Program Director 

Coach Harold has been in the All-Star Cheerleading Industry for over 20 years.  Originally from Atlanta, where he cheered for Georgia All-Stars, he currently resides in South Florida.  In 2010, he won the USASF's World Cheerleading  Championship in the International Open Coed Division. Harold is a  CERTIFIED SAFETY JUDGE FOR USASF SANCTIONED CHEER EVENTS and a  USASF CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR TO LEVEL 7. 



Joey Bayron, Program Director

Originally from  New Jersey, but has resided in Florida for the past 12 years.  Coach Joey has been cheering since the age of 14 and has been coaching for 10 years!  As an athlete, he is a Worlds Silver Medlist, Cheersport Champion and 4x UCA Champion. Proudly as a coch, he is a D2 Summit Champion, Sillver and Bronze Medalist, 4x NCA Champion, and 2x UCA Champion.  


Fun fact: He never knew anything about cheerleading until his high school coach recruted him to join their cheer squad.


Coach Joey is a certified USASF judge and USASFcertified  



Ariana Puig, Front Office Manager

Ariana was born in Florida, moved to Georgia when she was 5 years old and missed the South Florida Sun and moved back in 2000.  Originally, she began ballet and dance at the age of 5 but got a bit of the cheer bug when she was 15. She went on to cheer in high school and cometitively with one of the first All-Star Gyms in South Florida, Miami Elite All-Stars. She is now a proud mom of 2 All-Star athletes who have been with Florida Triple Threat for almost 10 years. She has over 17 years of experince as a Bookkeeper/Child-Care provider, as well as a Child Development Associates and Directors Credential.


Fun Fact:  She was coached by Rudy Valdes, Coach Melissa's husband!






Alicia Levy, Coach

Coach Alicia was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has been cheering since she was 5 years old and started All-Star cheerleading at the age of 12. Coach Alicia started at F3T as an athlete, and now has been a coach for the past 4 years.  As an athlete, she is an NCA and FHSAA State champion.  She is a proud coach of a Silver Medalist NCA team.  Coach Alicia has an Associates of Science for Fashion Design and in her spare time she a certified Body Sculptor. 


Coach Alicia is USASF certified


Fun Fact: Her name is pronounced 3 ways.  



Shannon Rena, Coach Coach

Shannon grew up in South Florida. Her love for cheer started on the sidelines and quickly moved in to all-star.  Shannon cheered for South Florida All-Stars and began coaching at 16. She has a sharp eye for technique and details, which has helped teams she has coached win two Summit rings, Cheersports Championships and many other accolades. 


Fun Fact:


Coach Shannon is a USASF/Varsity judge and USASF certified 





Melissa Valdes, Coach

Nyree Gaines, Coach

Coach Nyree is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  She competed in all-star for 14 years and coached for 4 years. As an athlete, she is a 3x Jamfest Champion, 2x NCA champion, a UCA champion, and a bronze medalist at the Summit.  She is currently at Howard University in the hopes of becoming a physical therapist.


Fun Fact: Coach Nyree was one of the first athletes at Florida Triple Threat




Ren Brown, Coach

Coach Ren is originally from West Palm Beach, he is now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Originally, he started in gymnastics in 1996 qualifying him for the mens junior Olympics in 2004. He switched over to cheer and was in competitive cheer for 6 years.  Coach Ren has now been coaching for 7 years.


Fun Fact: He planned on coaching gymnastics but fell in love with the sport of cheer and made the switch.


Coach Ren is USASF certified



Sam Lobos, Jr. Coach




Amber Sanders, Jr. Coach

Coach Amber was born and raised in South Florida.  She has been cheering for 14 years and Jr. coaching for 2 years.  As an athlete, she is a 2x NCA Champion, 2x District Champion and was captain of her high school cheer team and competitive team.

Fun Face: She originally wanted to play soccer but her mom put her in cheer. 




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